The Birth Of Trillium Dream Custom Jewelry

Building your jewelry is a lot like the adult version of build-a-bear. Do you remember going into the shop, choosing the animal, then choosing the outfit? The best part was choosing the heart and recording a message or sound so your build-a-bear was unique to you. You always remember the day you got your awesome and special bear creation. It signified a birthday, a day out with friends, or maybe a special day with a parent. 
As an adult, we work hard and play hard. The goal is to build the life we've dreamt about since our childhood. We meet people we never forget, we build relationships, create families and learn life's lessons (Sometimes the hard way). The one thing I've learned personally, is that rough times happen to everyone; no one is exempt. My personal goal has been, to build as many beautiful and priceless memories as possible with the ones I love. When the inevitable hard times come, focusing on the good memories is what reminds me that the rough times don't last forever. They, in fact; give me something beautiful to focus on despite the negativity. 
Trillium Dream Custom Jewelry's goal is to give you a constant reminder of those memories. It's about having a visual reminder of an important life change, a beautiful moment, or just to remember that YOU, are worth it. Trillium Dream was birthed from a moment in my own life when I decided it was time to focus on myself and my children. I had been in a failed marriage, had three children in less than 4 years, and was amidst a nasty custody battle to keep my children safe. As time past, was in some short relationships and each one failed. I finally decided that I needed to focus on my children, myself, and our healing. That decision became a huge turning point in my life. 
Shortly after, I was shopping at a store and decided to look at the jewelry. I was casually looking through the clearance jewelry when I found a tiny white gold halo ring with 4 tiny princess-cut diamonds surrounded by even smaller diamond chips in the halo. The ring was an amazing price I couldn't turn down so I purchased it for myself. To me, it symbolically represented my 3 children and myself, surrounded and protected by a halo of healing, around us. That ring stayed on my left ring finger for the next 8 years, to symbolically show I was not interested in a relationship with anyone aside from my children and myself. 
Around the time my youngest child became and adult and moved out, I removed the ring and started dating again. I was a vastly different person by that time. Not long after, I met my fiancé, we now have a child together and the rest is history. I truly believe however, that caring for ourselves first, is essential for caring and supporting the ones we love in the healthiest way possible.
Sometimes having a physical reminder, is exactly what we need to pull our focus back to what is important. Trillium Dream is about just that; symbolizing the good times, taking care of ourselves, and slowing down to focus on the here and now. Living in the moment while highlighting the most important moments in our lives because THESE are the moments that will forever stand out and shape who we are, as unique individuals.