Pink, Blue, White Raw/Rough Diamonds

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Size, color and price

4mm-5mm in size raw/rough white, pink, blue diamonds. The blue is very bright colored, white is very white and the pink is very light pink with a slight lavender hue. 

These vary in price according to size and color. The color may appear slightly different in person vs the pictures. Every computer monitor and cell phone screen varying in colors slightly. These are the exact stones I have in stock and you will chose from. 


Symbolism and uses of diamonds:




Abundance and Prosperity

Energy amplifier

Strength and Endurance

Helps to create a cohesive whole physically, spiritually and emotionally 

Brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relationships

A sign of commitment and fidelity, and instills trust to relationships and situations 

It inspires the forces of accumulation, attracting the manifestation of abundance 

Clears emotional and mental pain, reducing fear 

Encourages and brings about new beginnings

Stimulates creativity, inventiveness, imagination and ingenuity 

It brings clarity of mind and aids enlightenment

Purifies and detoxifies all of the body’s systems, rebalancing the metabolism, and building up stamina, strength and treating allergies and chronic conditions

Helps glaucoma and clear sight.  

Care information

Why rhodium plated 925 sterling silver?

Rhodium plating is a plating process used in jewelry that consists of electroplating 925 silver jewelry (also known as sterling silver) with rhodium to maintain or restore the jewelry’s shine. This makes rhodium-plated silver a more expensive precious material than conventional 925 silver. 925 Sterling silver is a very soft metal and tarnishes very easily. Plating with either rhodium or gold, not only increases the strength of the silver but also keeps it from tarnishing as quickly. 

How do you care for rhodium-plated silver?
Steps To Clean Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry Prepare Your Bowls. First, fill one of the bowls with 1 cup of warm water. Wash. Put your rhodium-plated silver jewelry in the washing bowl. Rinse. Now, transfer your washed jewelry to the rinsing bowl. Dry. Place your jewelry on a soft towel or a microfiber cloth. Store.
How do you make rhodium plating last longer?
Rhodium plating lasts about 12-24 months before it wears down or off. However, this time frame depends on how often the piece is exposed to chemicals that can wear down the layer and each person’s body chemistry. Believe it or not, some people’s skin will wear down the rhodium faster than others! Avoid rubbing the rhodium plating on your jewelry by not wearing it at night. Take it off when showering or washing your hands. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals. Take your jewelry off when swimming in heavily chlorinated pools as the chlorine can damage the plating. Perfumes and cosmetics can also affect rhodium plating. Avoid heavy cleaning products. Metal on metal rubbing or even just putting your hand in and out of pockets will cause some wear. 
Eventually, the plating will wear off but it shouldn't look as obvious as a copper alloy ring, simply because the colors are similar. This is something to keep in mind when choosing gold or rose gold plated pieces of jewelry. It will be significantly more obvious due to the difference in metal colors.